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As defined in the Standard Test Method for the Performance of Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems, “hood capture and containment” refers to the ability of the hood to capture and contain grease-laden vapors, convective heat and other products of the cooking process. Commercial kitchen vent hoods capture the particles that enter the hood from under the hood and contain the particles staying in the hood reservoir and not spilling out to the surrounding space. These are the fundamental processes of a kitchen vent hood.

What makes a commercial vent hood team? As part of designing and installing a properly working commercial kitchen vent hood system, it is required to have a group of key members that have experienced knowledge of the system including exhaust fans and return-air fans. This is critical to have in order to successfully put together the processes of vent hood design and operation.

  • Owner/Manager: He or she must understand each part of the kitchen system such as the ventilation system and recognizing the value of having a properly integrated system that contributes to a productive and cost effective work environment.
  • Architect: The architect designs the kitchen area and fire protection by considering the function of the vent hood structure and the type of space that it occupies. The architect will work and comply with any special requirements of fire protection design that is provided by those of authority.
  • Other:
    • Contractors
    • Code officials
    • Engineer/system designer
    • Relevant Codes and Standards

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