Commercial Kitchen Vent Hoods
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Vent Hood – FAQ

During the process of designing a commercial kitchen vent hood, there are many things that should be considered. These things involve codes and regulations, manufacture’s specifications, and construction and design issues. Below are some common questions that come up when putting together a vent hood system.

  • What are the main types of commercial vent hoods?
    • There are two types of commercial vent hoods:
      Type I – eliminates smoke, steam, odors, vapors, dust and grease.
      Type II – eliminates smoke steam, odors, vapors, and dust.
  • How do you pick the right vent hood?
    • Most commercial kitchen in restaurants will require a Type I hood. Commercial kitchen that do not produce much grease with appliances such as grills and fryers, a Type II vent hood would be more appropriate.
  • In addition to a vent hood, what other components are needed?
    • Other important installations include exhaust fans, filters, ductwork and a replacement make up air system. These components make a complete ventilation system.
  • Why is a vent hood necessary?
    • Grease and smoke buildup can result in numerous health hazards for employees and patrons. Poor indoor air quality and ventilation can result in respiratory illness and unsanitary food preparation. Another important factor that this could result in is that without good ventilation, kitchen fires may occur.
  • How is a vent hood maintained?
    • Routine cleaning and maintenance is required to keep a commercial vent hood running properly and effectively.


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